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The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

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Yes, dearest ChickPeeps, here we are... The final episode of season 3. This has undoubtedly been our best and most spangly season to date and we’re so grateful that you’ve shared it with us! In this episode all four ChickHosts sit down for one last chat in which we recap our favourite moments from the season, answer our own quickfire questions and play a final, epic game of Vegan Troll in the Dungeon! Also in this episode…

  • We reflect on the moments and guests of season 3 who changed and challenged our veganism.
  • We set intentions for our dream season 4 guests!
  • “If you could give one animal species the power of speech, who would it be?” A seemingly innocuous question that elicits some ridiculous answers and heated debate!
  • Evy introduces us to Orpheus, a talking cat with a plan to overthrow human supremacy, who poses a conundrum to the gang.
  • Tylor teaches us about a ‘freegan’ diet!
  • Listener, Maurice, issues a public apology to his mother!
  • Momo finally does her much anticipated Essex accent and folks, it is worth the wait!
  • Evy’s veganism gets put on trial and Robbie enjoys it faaaar too much.


An amazing video about blue whales!

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